Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer, Jr.

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Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. began his career in 1982 as a Road Patrol Deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and graduated from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in Greene County where he was trained in all aspects of law enforcement.

Sheriff Fizer Jr. has progressed through the ranks as a Detective, Lieutenant of Patrol Division, Chief Deputy, and Sheriff. During his career, Sheriff Fizer Jr. served as the Tactical Response Team Leader for approximately 10 years. He was also the Firearms Instructor/Range Master for the Sheriff’s Office for approximately 16 years. In 1986, Sheriff Fizer Jr. received the Deputy of the Year Award. Sheriff Fizer Jr. has received many other awards within the sheriff’s office, as well as the county and the state. One of the many highlights of his career was when he apprehended an armed bank robbery suspect, in which all the money from the bank was recovered.

In 2001, as Chief Deputy, Sheriff Fizer Jr. assisted in planning and constructing the new Clinton County Sheriff’s Office and Adult Detention Facility.

In July of 2004, Sheriff Fizer Jr., was appointed as Sheriff of Clinton County, after Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer, Sr. retired. Later that year Sheriff Fizer Jr. was elected as the 46th Sheriff of Clinton County. During his tenure as Sheriff, he has implemented several new programs and brought new technologies and services to the office. These include a DARE Scholarship for local students, a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile Data Terminals, Webcheck and CCW processing, Livescan fingerprinting for the jail, an office website, and a new radio communications network for the county.

Sheriff Fizer Jr. strives to maintain the highest degree of operation and professionalism at the Sheriff’s Office. He is devoted to his position as Sheriff and his passion for law enforcement. His desire to serve is shared by the men and women that serve under him.

Sheriff Fizer Jr. is a member of the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, National Rifle Association and is affiliated with the National Sheriffs’ Association and the American Jail Association. Sheriff Fizer Jr. and his wife, Judi have two sons. Brad is a Deputy Sheriff for Montgomery County and Chris is actively serving in the United States Army.