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Road Patrol

Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are responsible for providing police Deputy Badge (Color)services to all unincorporated areas within the 403 square miles of Clinton County, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Deputies also have jurisdiction in all municipalities, townships, and villages of Clinton County.

The Patrol Division is staffed by a Lieutenant, Shift Supervisors, and Deputy Sheriffs.

School Resource

School Resource Officers are currently assigned to two schools in the County. One deputy is assigned to the Laurel Oaks Campus and the other is assigned to the Clinton-Massie Local School District.


Two D.A.R.E. trained officers presently teach in the Clinton Massie School District and East Clinton School District.

Community Services Center

The deputy sheriff assigned to the Community Service Center provides security to the complex and provides assistance to Job and Family Services.

For more information contact:

Lieutenant Michael Kassinos (937) 382-1611