Corrections and Court Services

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Corrections Badge (Color)


The Clinton County Jail was opened in 2001 and consists of 92 beds. This Full Service Jail includes general population housing areas for male and female inmates as well as housing areas for disciplinary, administrative and medical segregation. The facility has its own kitchen, medical and mental health staff. Inmates incarcerated in this facility can be pre-trial inmates awaiting sentencing as well as those who are sentenced to the Jail and or awaiting transport to another facility or prison.

The jail is staffed by a Jail Administrator, who is responsible for the management and operational control of the jail, an Assistant Jail Administrator, who assists in carrying out the security and management operations, Full-Time and Part-Time Corrections Officers, who provide reasonable and necessary security, safety, supervision, and a humane environment to all inmates.

Court Services

Deputies assigned to Court Services provide law enforcement services and court room security at the Clinton County Courthouse.  In addition, deputies also transport inmates to various local court proceedings, medical appointments, and to and from prison facilities and jails throughout the State of Ohio.

For more information contact:

Jail Administrator:                              Captain Justin A. Drake (937)-382-1611

Assistant Jail Administrator:                Lieutenant Michael Wahl (937)-383-4813