Property Sales

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ATTENTION: Are you or do you know anyone facing a foreclosure action? For assistance please call:

State of Ohio Save the Dream 888-404-4674

ESOP (Empowering & Strengthening Ohio People) 877-731-3767
Clinton Co. Common Pleas Court Mediation 937-382-3640
Brian Howe, Legal Aid Society of SW Ohio 513-362-2846
Clinton Co. Veterans Commission (For Veterans) 937-382-3233

Clinton County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff’s Sales – Clinton County Courthouse 1st Floor- Veterans Hallway. All bids for properties start at 2/3 appraisal value(except tax sales)

*5% of the appraisal value must be put down at the time of the Sheriff’s Sale (cashiers check, certified check, personal check – with photo ID). This is for all plaintiffs & third party purchasers. If you fail to place your 5% deposit at the time of the sale, it will be immediately be placed back on the list and sold.

*ALL PURCHASERS must complete a purchaser information form at the time of the sale(have the form filled out before the sale starts)
(Attorneys – please have your form ready in advance should you be the successful bidder.

*Balance is due upon confirmation from the court. Failure to bring in the balance when called by the Sheriff’s Office could result in your deposit being forfeited.
*Third party purchasers must have photo identification (Drivers License/State Issued ID).
*Sheriff’s Office does not grant access to the property for viewing.
*There are two types of property offered for sale: mortgage foreclosure & delinquent land taxes
* The Sheriff is not liable for the condition of the property upon confirmation.

Property appraisals are exterior appraisals only. All properties are purchased “buyer beware” without any warranty or guarantee.

We recommend consulting a Real Estate attorney before attempting any purchase.

Ads are published in the Wilmington News Journal on Tuesdays for three consecutive weeks.

The Clinton Co. Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any errors on this website or ads concerning Sheriff’s Sales. Any information concerning the sale or results of the sale, please contact the Clinton Co. Common Pleas Court where the official documents are filed.

Attorneys: When filing your Praecipe for Order of Sale in Clinton County you must:

1. Include the Clinton County Property Description Approval Form & it must be completed in full-no blanks
No other forms will be accepted – make sure you have the prior Volume & page numbers fully listed and the
new permanent parcel numbers.

2. Include the approved property description – it must be stamped.
3. Include the Local Rule Tax Map Dept Form – with approval.
4. Include the Auditors Office checklist.
5. When sending the deed to our office – please include the conveyance form. Make sure the deed has no “et als” on it.
If any of the above are missing or incomplete, your order of sale will be returned to the court as unable to process.
6. Taxes and Pro Rated Taxes – EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY December 2013- All attorneys will be required to figure your taxes (due and pro rated) for the confirmation.

Contact: Adm. Assistant Deputy Tammy Maynard 937-382-1611 for any questions or email:

Sale Date – Friday, December 18, 2015 AT 10:00AM – Veterans Hallway (PLEASE NOTE – there are new security
procedures at the Courthouse – please leave all pocket knives, mace,etc in your vehicle as it will not
be permitted in the Courthouse.

# Case Address Appraisal Attorney
FRIDAY ,December 18, 2015 10:00AM
Veterans Hallway-Courthouse
01. CVE20150054
Fifth Third Mort Co vs.
Isaac S & Katheryn M. Brooks
114 N. Wright St.
Blanchester OH 45107
$50,000.00 Thomas Richards
02. CVE20150127
Union Savings Bank vs.
Loretta D. Gilliam
82 East Birdsall St.
Wilmington OH 45177
$39,000.00 Channing Ulbrich
03. CVE20150052
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs.
Jason E. Harrell
2359 Hale Road
Wilmington OH 45177
$110,000.00 Bethany Suttinger
04. CVE20140451
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs.
Kellie R. Jarrell aka Vineyard & Bret Vineyard
191 Vine Street
Sabina OH 45169
$15,000.00 F. Peter Costello
05. CVE20150201
Wright Patt Credit Union Inc vs.
William J. Kelso & Kristin K. Kelso
952 Laurel Street
Wilmington OH 45177
$28,000.00 Alexander Arestides
06. CVE20150057
Fifth Third Mortgage Company vs.
Donna J and Ralph L. Logan
732 S. Beechgrove Rd
Wilmington OH 45177
$89,000.00 Carson Rothfuss
07. CVE20150151
Wells Fargo Bank N.A. vs.
William Erich Pfalzer & Nancy Elaine Pfalzer
77 Lawnview Drive
Wilmington OH 45177
$55,000.00 F. Peter Costello
08. CVE20150271
Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co NA vs.
Jay H. and Amanda P. Rivenbark
1078 Linhof Road
Wilmington OH 45177
$75,000.00 Charles Gasior
09. CVE20150015
Green Tree Servicing LLC vs
Susan M. Skelton aka Glassmeyer &
Daniel Thomas Glassmeyer
232 W. Fancy St
Blanchester OH 45107
$20,000.00 F. Peter Costello
10. CVE20150118
The Wilmington Savings Bank vs.
Morrow L. Starkey
345 Walnut Street
Port William, OH 45164
$32,500.00 John S. Porter
11. CVE20150198
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA vs.
Jeffrey W. Stenersen
7629 Fairground Rd
Blanchester OH 45107
$88,000.00 David F. Hanson
12. CVE20150250
Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs.
William S and Micki D. Suttles
108 Sugartree St.
Clarksville OH 45113
$40,000.00 Nicholas J. Cardinal
13. CVE20140499
The Wilmington Savings Bank vs.
James R and Lisa D. Taylor
55 Lee Lane
Wilmington OH 45177
$105,000.00 John Porter
14. CVE20150224
Federal National Mortgage Association vs.
Dianne L. Wilson aka Nakoff
 893 Turner Road
Lynchburg, OH 45142
$19,000.00 Craig Thomas